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Clean Bubbles


Steven Broughton

I have been painting most of my life. I trained as a graphic designer producing packaging & display. Using my creative abilities, I specialised in illustration. Still working in the print industry, my time is very limited,

however on the weekends you can often find me either on the coast or in the bush near a river. These are my favourite spots to recharge and be inspired to paint. The river always changes its contours and

colour offering a new perspective. My style is contemporary, working with oils on canvas. My favourite subjects are landscape, seascape & clouds. I often use pallet knives to create texture in my painting. I

don’t like to spend too long on one painting, so I move the paint around very quickly. Years ago, I studied under Terence John Hadler at the Manyoung Gallery in Mt Eliza. He taught me to look deeply into the

bush to discover the undertones of colour and texture it offers, that most people wouldn’t normally pick up on. Like the Masters of years gone by, I often use violet as a background colour when working on a

bush scene. I feel this gives depth to the subject. Next time you look into the bush, if you half shut your eyes, you will see nuances of violets in the undergrowth

Dr Brigid Burke

Brigid is an Australian visual artist, video artist, musician and educator whose creative practice explores the use of different art mediums to enable fixed artworks, moving image/sound performances and installations that are rich in visual nuances. Her work is widely presented in galleries and festivals, throughout Australia, Asia, Brazil, Europe and the USA. 

She has been a recipient of an Australia Council Project Music Fellowships & New Work commissions  ‘Burning Antrils’,( Fremantle WA Art Space) ‘Coral Bells’(at Museum Victoria) & “Instincts and Episodes’ (ECHOFLUXX Festival Prague) (ABC FM)She is also an Artist Resident at Marshall University USA with an Edwards Distinguished Professor Artist Residency, at Indiana University USA and ADM NTU Singapore.

She co-curates SEENSOUND a monthly visual music series that has been sponsored by Long Play Bar, The Teal House Gallery and LOOP Melbourne Australia.

Most recently she has presented and exhibited her works at Federation Square Melbourne, The Teal House Gallery, Tilde Festival, and ABC Classic FM. ICMC, Sound-Image Festivals Greenwich UK, Echofluxx Festivals Prague, GA Generative Arts Festivals Italy, Asian Music Festivals Tokyo, The Melbourne International Arts Festival, Futura Festival Paris, Mona Foma Festival Hobart, International Clarinet Festivals, Seoul and Australian International Computer Music Festivals. She has a PhD in Composition from UTAS and a Master of Music in Composition from The University of Melbourne.

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